FHIR: How are solving the health interoperability problem?

FHIR is beginning to provide a pathway from logical models to FHIR profiles, using the FHIR mapping language.


What is the data source for the FHIR resources and how are the FHIR resources accessed (e.g. “The philosophy behind FHIR is to build a base set of resources that, either by themselves or when combined, satisfy the majority of common use cases. What FHIR offers is tools for developers to assemble and present many much smaller data elements to enhance the context or meaning of the information.


FHIR data standard enables seamless and on-request information exchange between healthcare applications. Ultimately, FHIR creates a common language where systems can connect and share data. \ A conceptual data model of wellness data was developed for evaluation using FHIR standard. FHIR defines the ontology, data model and API for the exchange of health data between systems.


As customers and partners in the healthcare industry know, enabling the interoperability of the electronic health data is a top priority.


“One huge, powerful force is that the infrastructure and the fit and finish and the development tools from the rest of the economy can now be put to work in healthcare. Many leading EHR developers and healthcare organizations have committed to working with FHIR, promising a future of greater interoperability in healthcare.


Tailoring the FHIR specification to a specific use-case is an important aspect of the FHIR standard. FHIR is expected to be the future healthcare information exchange standard in the healthcare industry. An API is a specified set of protocols and data standards that establish the ground rules by which one information system directly communicates with another.


“FHIR has the potential to create significant change in the healthcare infrastructure over time. At the moment the biggest challenge with FHIR is making it easy to implement a “FHIR server”. It is a collection of FHIR resource profiles design for use in information exchanges supporting service provider referral and service outcome reporting. SMART on FHIR is a new approach that will enable “plug-in apps” to run natively inside any compliant EHR.

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